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FCC Commish Michael Copps on Net Neutrality

Press Release– The Federal Communications Commission today begins an inquiry to better understand the behavior of participants in the market for broadband services. The Commission in its 2005 Internet Policy Statement announced four principles to encourage broadband deployment and to preserve and promote the open and interconnected nature of the public Internet. This Notice of Inquiry seeks information on the behavior of broadband market participants, including:

The Notice of Inquiry further seeks comment on whether the Policy Statement should incorporate a new principle of nondiscrimination and, if so, how would "nondiscrimination" be defined, and how would such a principle read.

This proceeding occurred concurrently with several other related proceedings at the FCC:


"To further its review of broadband network management practices, the Commission has conducted en banc hearings, open to the public, to hear from expert panelists on the subject to help the Commission evaluate particular broadband practices and to examine developments in the broadband marketplace. Audio, video and print records from these hearings are available through the links below."

Lawrence Lessig to the FCC: "Neutral Networks Work"
Harold Feld at Stanford Hearing
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CITATION: Broadband Industry Practices , Notice of Inquiry, 22 FCC Rcd 7894 (2007)

4/16/07 FCC Launches Inquiry into Broadband Market Practices.
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News Release (3/22/07): Word | Acrobat
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Action by the Commission, March 22, 2007, by Notice of Inquiry (FCC 07-31). Chairman Martin, Commissioners Tate and McDowell, with Commissioners Copps and Adelstein concurring. Separate statements issued by Chairman Martin, Commissioners Copps, Adelstein, Tate, and McDowell. Wireline Competition Bureau Staff Contact: Heather Hendrickson,