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CC Docket No. 99-200

Comments Due: April 28, 2006 Replies Due: May 5, 2006

Petition for a Waiver Filed by Country Code 1 ENUM LCC Express Your Views!  Comments can be filed with the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System.  FAQ: How to participate in FCC Proceedings.

On March 28, 2006, Country Code 1 ENUM LLC (“ENUM LLC”) filed a petition for limited waiver with the Commission to allow ENUM LLC to obtain North American Numbering Plan (NANP) numbering resources. The petition requests that the Wireline Competition Bureau grant a limited waiver of section 52.15(g) of the Commission’s rules, 47 C.F.R. § 52.15(g), to allow ENUM LLC to obtain numbering resources directly from the Pooling Administrator to be used in conjunction with a trial of ENUM technology within the Country Code 1 North American Numbering Plan.

Released: 04/12/2006. PLEADING CYCLE ESTABLISHED FOR COMMENTS ON PETITION FOR LIMITED WAIVER FILED BY COUNTRY CODE 1 ENUM LLC. (DA No. 06-839). (Dkt No 99-200). Comments Due: 04/28/2006. Reply Comments Due: 05/05/2006. WCB. Contact: Mary McManus at 1713, email: Mary.Mcmanus WORD | PDF
  • Ex Parte re petition June 15, 2006
  • SGA ENUM Ad Hoc Report

    ENUM Ad Hoc Report.
    The State Department has a federal advisory council (FACA), known as the International Telecommunications Advisory Council, consisting of members of the communications industry that offers the State Department advice on negotiations before the ITU.  One of the working groups of the ITAC is the ENUM Ad Hoc Working Group of Study Group A.  On July 6, 2001, the ENUM Ad Hoc presented the State Department with a Report recommending action on the subject of ENUM.  The Report recommends that ENUM be administered through a single unified database also known as a golden tree, that this unified database be located at the domain, that the ITU facilitate the administration of this database, and that the US work rapidly to implement ENUM.  A copy of the Report should be available here.

    The Report will be presented to the State Department in a July 31 Study Group A meeting.  There will also be a subsequent Study Group A meeting on August 15.  The State Department is preparing for a meeting at the ITU on Sept 4 where ENUM may be considered.

    State Dept ENUM Notice, State 8/06/01
    Comments should be directed to:
    Marian Gordon, International Telecommunication Advisory Committee Communications and Information Policy  Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, Rm. 4826
    Department of State 
    Washington, D.C. 20520-5820 
    Phone: 202-647-5212 
    Fax: 202-647-1888
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