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    The Internet Year 2000 Campaign is a united effort of Internet Organizations attempting to raise awareness of the Year 2000 date conversion problem and facilitate preparations and the sharing of information. Information on how to join and the Campaign Pledge.

    Y2K preparations helped economy, Globe and Mail 10/28/2005

    How to apply for priority restoration of telecom circuits in event of outages. NCS.
    ICANN, Root Nameserver Year 2000 Status July 15 1999
    Network Time Protocol Year 2000 Conformance Statement 
    NSI announces Year 2000 Domain Name Server Test Environment where DNS servers can be tested.
    Telco Year 2000 Fourm and ATIS has been testing data networks.  Report on test results:  6 anomilies found.  Also see the test results of NRIC - Focus Group 1, Focus Group 2
    Not all versions of LINUX may be Y2K ready! Red Hat is offering a free upgrade for versions prior to version 4.1. See LINUX information.
    Spreadsheets are available to assist you in assessing your systems: Y2K Assessment Plan HTML | Y2K Assessment Plan WP | Your feedback on these forms is important.
    IETF paper: The Internet and the Millennium Problem (Year 2000) (assesses Internet protocols) Revised Jan 1999.
    The United States has passed the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act which provides important protections that encourage the sharing of Y2K information. See Legal Concerns.
    December 16, 1998.  TISPA Meeting.  Austin Texas.
    Jan. 29, 1999. Virginia ISP Association Meeting Lexington, Virginia, USA.
    Mar. 1-5, 1999. APRICOT Internet & Y2K BOF Session.  Izumi Aizu & Willian Church.
    Mar. 8-10. 10 Months till Y2K. ISPF, San Diego, California, USA.
    April 22, 1999.  Izumi Aizu, Internt and Y2K at APEC Y2K Symposium Singapore.  | Presentation | Text of Speech | ANR |
    Apr. 26 - 29. 8 Months till Y2K. ISPCON, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
    May 23-25.  Nanog:  (1) Y2K Status and NOC Contingency Planning (2) IETF Y2K Investigations.  Oregon.
    Jun. 22-25.  Internet & Y2K.  INET.  San Diego, Ca, USA.
    June 25-26.  Y2K Breakfast. FISPA Conference.
    See the February issue of Boardwatch Magazine for special Y2K coverage!
    See the March issue of OnTheInternet for special Y2K coverage.

    Internet Association Supporters * The Commercial Internet eXchange * Texas Internet Service Provider Association * The Association of Online Professionals * Washington Association of Internet Service Providers * Virginia Internet Service Provider Alliance * Center for the Next Generation Internet * Florida Internet Service Provider Association * Internet Service Providers Consortium * Internet Society * Agent Society * Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility * Internet Service Providers Association UK * Asia & Pacific Internet Association * Internet Providers Association of Iowa * Canadian Association of Internet Providers * Coalition of Utah Independent ISPs * Additional supporters *
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    NOTICE: Statements in this website are made pursuant to the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act.. All information is republished. No information has been verified.