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Established in 1997, Cybertelecom is an educational not-for-profit project focusing on Federal Internet law and policy. The project is an educational resource providing individuals with the opportunity to learn about and discuss federal laws, judicial interpretations, and regulatory developments. The project includes this website, the Cybertelecom blog, a discussion group, a newsletter, research papers, articles in other publications, presentations and tutorials , and videos. The objective of the Project is to promote academic knowledge and discourse concerning Federal Internet law and policy.

Cybertelecom is designed to be a modern legal textbook. It is designed as a neutral presentation of primary material, with explanation and exploration, in order to education and to inform. Much like an encyclopedia, Cybertelecom seeks to present a neutral, plain English, description of legal developments with links to relevant primary sources and well as links to secondary sources, pundits, advocates, and other malcontents (er I mean bloggers). Cybertelecom wants the student, scholar, policy maker, the researcher, and the interested person to have access to everything anywhere from anyone regarding any given law or policy - that's why lots of our webpages look like laundry baskets with kitchen sinks in them. Some pages are rich with information; most are incomplete and out of date.

Cybertelecom does not try to shock you with sensational and superficial the-sky-is-falling articles about how Senator Krusty is attempting to make the Internet illegal. We are not trying to sell you anything. We do not have a stake in the outcome of any proceeding. We are not trying to get you to hire our attorneys. We are not shilling for a hidden cause, client, or astroturf group. We receive no money from anyone who is one of these things (okay, we don't receive any money period). We do not present the tip-of-the-iceberg of information, attempting to get you to zap us some green in order to get the rest.

Cybertelecom does not offer legal advice. Dont ask for it; inquiries seeking legal advice will not be responded to. Disclaimer.

Please be sure to read our disclaimer. If you are seeking legal advice, you should consult an attorney.

If this site is useful to you or if you have suggestions or feedback, please drop us a note and let us know! We get paid in Karma.

CONTACT: Genny Pershing, Director cybertelecom PINEAPPLE @gmail.com (delete "pineapple" from the email address)

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"Can we link to your site??"

Yes, please do. In fact, you can link to our page, "Is it legal to link?" where we discuss court cases that conclude - you don't need to ask permission to link to a site.

"Derived From"

"Derived From" is a phrase used by CT when we are using public domain works, such as works from the US Government. US Government works are not protected by copyright, are owned by citizens of the United States, and we at CT take full advantage of public domain works, particularly when they do a pretty decent job of explaining a program or law. However, while USG public domain works are frequently good places to start, they are not always good places to end. Agencies tend to portray their programs with rose colored light that everything is just marvelous - and that might not quite be right. The law may evolve. Courts may have their interpretations. Or we may just want to muck around a bit with the description provided by a USG work. When we say "derived from," it means we have copied a public domain work, and are in the process of revising and generally mucking around with that work.

Bunches of other stuff are used pursuant to Fair Use.

Privacy Policy:

CT uses Google Analytics. CT itself does not gather any information or data other than through the Google services.

The Story Has Been Reformatted for Your Screen

Cybertelecom is an educational project. Frequently when writing about laws and controversies, we simplify the facts in order to clarify the educational value. Much like a TV Movie that is inspired by a real story - which means the TV writers read a headline somewhere and then made the rest up - we take liberties. We also tend to change the names of the parties to something simple to clarify that the version that we are giving is for educational purposes and may not fully correspond to the actual account. Generally we link to primary documents if you want to drill down to The Truth.

“He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” -Abraham Lincoln

If you need representation, you might contact:

  • FCBA
  • American Bar Association,
  • state bar associations
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • ACLU
  • Stanford Cyberlaw Clinic
  • Public Citizen
  • Online Media Legal Network


    By using Cybertelecom websites, you agree to the following. If you do not agree, DO NOT USE ANY CYBERTELECOM SITE.

    Accuracy, timeliness and completeness of information are not guaranteed; indeed, we guarantee that the information is out of date, incomplete, and contains errors! Information should not be relied upon. Information constantly changes and the Cybertelecom does not have the resources to stay on top of all issues. Information presented is an academic, superficial, introductory discussion of the subject matters designed to promote academic knowledge and discourse. Cybertelecom attempts to provide links to primary sources of information.

    Users are requested to inform the Project of any errors, omissions, or other needed revisions to the content.

    Cybertelecom is an educational project. Cybertelecom's goal is to promote academic knowledge and discussion of federal Internet law and policy developments. This is not a DO IT YOURSELF legal site. Information presented is not legal advice; no attorney-client relationship exists or is intended. Cybertelecom does not offer legal services to clients of any type. Requests for legal advice or counsel of any type will not be responded to; do not send them. Individuals should consult professional counsel. See FCBA, American Bar Association, state bar associations.

    Individuals interacting with, consulting, using, or looking at this site agree to hold Cybertelecom, its officials, board of directors, staff, and volunteers harmless and not to sue Cybertelecom, it officials, board of directors, staff, and volunteers for any reason. By using this website, users agree that no information provided or content on Cybertelecom may give rise to any legal action of any type. If someone breaches this provision by filing litigation, then the choice of law is Virginia and the choice of forum is Virginia.

    All information is gathered from public sources. All facts are as alleged or reported. Some facts are entirely fictitious.

    Views expressed are not necessarily those of anyone or any organization participants may be associated with or employed by in any other capacity, dead or alive. Cybertelecom has no expressed or implied relationship with any other entity or organization.

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