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Ariz. Rev. Stat.

§ 13-2301(E) Definitions

§ 13-2316 Computer Tampering, Venue, Forfeiture, Classification

A. A person who acts without authority or who exceeds authorization of use commits computer tampering by:

1. Accessing, altering, damaging or destroying any computer, computer system or network, or any part of a computer, computer system or network, with the intent to devise or execute any scheme or artifice to defraud or deceive, or to control property or services by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations or promises.

2. Knowingly altering, damaging, deleting or destroying computer programs or data.

3. Knowingly introducing a computer contaminant into any computer, computer system or network.

4. Recklessly disrupting or causing the disruption of computer, computer system or network services or denying or causing the denial of computer or network services to any authorized user of a computer, computer system or network.

5. Recklessly using a computer, computer system or network to engage in a scheme or course of conduct that is directed at another person and that seriously alarms, torments, threatens or terrorizes the person. For the purposes of this paragraph, the conduct must both:

(a) Cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress.

(b) Serve no legitimate purpose.

6. Preventing a computer user from exiting a site, computer system or network-connected location in order to compel the user's computer to continue communicating with, connecting to or displaying the content of the service, site or system.

7. Knowingly obtaining any information that is required by law to be kept confidential or any records that are not public records by accessing any computer, computer system or network that is operated by this state, a political subdivision of this state or a medical institution.

8. Knowingly accessing any computer, computer system or network or any computer software, program or data that is contained in a computer, computer system or network.


Municipal Broadband

  • Phoenix : Wifi : Planning Stages
  • Salt River Project, Phoenix (Broadband Internet)
  • Tohono O'odharn utility Authority, Sells
  • Tempe :: Vendor ProMobile subsidiary WazTempe (uses COX for Backhaul) :: Wifi :: Public Internet :: $30/month :: Muni role is antenna sites (including street posts) in exchange for creations of network. : 700 light poles equipped : $0 Tax Dollars expended : City Light Pole Rent $? : 650 Subs as of April 2006 :
  • Intranet :: The agreement between the City of Tempe and MobilePro allows for the creation of a municipal network deployed on the same infrastructure as the Public network. This second,  "virtual" network will be used by municipal workers to enhance their ability to provide services in the community. Police, Fire, Water, Traffic and Development Services personnel will utilize the network to leverage mobile technology that will make the City more efficient and safer for its residents. Every Police officer, patrol car and Fire truck on the street can be equipped with a laptop computer that is Wi-Fi enabled giving them the ability to access information that has never before been available in the field due to limited bandwidth. - Tempe Wifi
  • Financials :: In return for MobilePro’s agreement to supply and operate a Municipal network for the City’s use, Tempe agrees to grant limited use of the City street light infrastructure and existing fiber backhaul locations for Mobile Pro to deploy its network.... The network is not subsidized by the City. Tempe is not installing or maintaining the network. There are no payments made to MobilePro for use of the network by municipal employees while on the job. - Tempe Wifi
  • David Heck, Deputy CIO, Tempe, Digital City Expo presentation (April 2006)
  • 160k residents / 50k students. 40 sq miles. Home to AR State Uni. 40% residents have aBA or higher. 14% have graduate degree.
  • Goals and objectives: need for mobility. Alternative broadband (tempe had limited choices for broadband service). Geeks (Tempe wants its knowledge worker base to feel comfortable in Tempe). Freedom (event venues). Service the community (mobile muni employees). EGov.
  • Objectives: Ubiquitious wireless broadband coverage 40sq miles - Offer free wifi service in downtown - promote egov and - mobility for tempe employees - public safety (download photos, finger prints). Econ Dev.
  • Branding of Tempe as a "smart city"
  • Tempe recently landed a Google operation
  • Possible solutions
  • Muni owned net
  • Intall cost - city
  • Op ex - city
  • Revenue - city
  • Private outsourced for op
  • Install cost - city
  • Op Ex - WISP
  • Revenue - Shared
  • Pub Priv Partnership - get wisp to build net
  • Intall cost - WISP
  • Op Ex - WISP
  • Revenue - WISP
  • Key Elements
  • VPN Muni Intranet. Public Safety (uploads, downloads, webcams, special events, command center setup, telemedicine, GIS info on trucks, hazmat database, traffic intersection cameras, bio hazard sensors). Public utility Well and tank monitoring, security, meter reading, GIS info, infrastructure inventory. Trash truck cameras. Bus stop light rail kiosks. Signal light control. Park maintenance (remote field light control). Building inspections. Telecommuting. OFf site meeting rooms.
  • Free services in downtown and to certain domains such as egov and AU edu - this is a dial up replacement - this is 56 kbps
  • City grants access to street lights to providers. Provider responsible for marketing.
  • Open Access - MobilePro will wholesale to third party ISP
  • Outdoor network - to get indoor need CPE.
  • There is about 18 AP per square mile.
  • Net Requirements: Mesh Design. 95% coverages. Triple play. 24x7 customer service. Low latency (voip).
  • Finances
  • No out of pocket expense
  • Ongoing expense to city is limited electric charges from pole top radios
  • WISP responsible for all ops
  • funding comes from WISP
  • Revenue is residential and business subs
  • 2004 Proof of concept net - 15 AP along Mill Ave
  • Renewable K | renewable 2x with 5 year terms | - if Service Provider goes away, ownership of net goes to city. There were 5 responses to RFP.
  • Impact: 650 subs since Jan 2006 (as of April 2006). 30 - 40 inquiries per week.
  • Lessons learned: Bring one of the first cities of 200,000 or larger to roll out border to border Wifi presented a few challenges, especially considering the model that Tempe chose to use. That being a model of "minimal prublic investment."
  • Manage expectations upfront.
  • Wifi Lessons Learned from Tempe, CNET June 29 2006
  • Statistics from Tempe, Arizona citywide Wi-Fi network, Muniwireless 4/14/2006
  • MobilePro, Cox team on government wireless, CED March 2006 (Cox Communications has secured an agreement with the State of Arizona that allows any Arizona municipality to grant Cox a contract for Wi-Fi services without going through an RFP process. In anticipation of the increased business that this could represent, Cox has designated MobilePro Corp. its preferred vendor to provide Wi-Fi and wireless broadband services in the state.")
  • Border to Border Wireless: Tempe PDF
  • Opponents: None
  • Timeline :: ribbon cutting Nov. 28, 2005 ::
  • News
  • Tempe, Arizona to issue RFP for citywide Wi-Fi, muni 1/7/2005
  • MobilePro Subsidiary NeoReach Wireless Reports Strong Early Customer Adoption of Tempe Wireless Network, Dec. 22, 2005 MobilePro Press Release
  • Yuma | :: Vendor ProMobile subsidiary WazTempe (uses COX for Backhaul) :: Wifi :: Public Internet ::
  • VoIP

    Arizona State Schools Why upgrade to VoIP? "ASDB Agency staff members have worked very hard to find ways in which to avoid a reduction in force and still provide required educational and support services to visually impaired and hearing impaired children and their families throughout Arizona during this time of economic decline and budget deficits. The Agency has become very price-conscious and the ever-increasing cost for telecommunications and support services through Arizona Telecommunications Services (ATS) is a major concern."



  • Arizona's new 'papers, please' law may hurt H-1B workers, CW 4/28/2010

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