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Maryland Code § 7-302. Unauthorized access to computers and related material. (c) Prohibited.-

(1) A person may not intentionally, willfully, and without authorization access, attempt to access, cause to be accessed, or exceed the person's authorized access to all or part of a computer network, computer control language, computer, computer software, computer system, computer services, or computer database.

(2) A person may not commit an act prohibited by paragraph (1) of this subsection with the intent to:

(i) cause the malfunction or interrupt the operation of all or any part of a computer, computer network, computer control language, computer software, computer system, computer services, or computer data; or

(ii) alter, damage, or destroy all or any part of data or a computer program stored, maintained, or produced by a computer, computer network, computer software, computer system, computer services, or computer database.

(3) A person may not intentionally, willfully, and without authorization:

(i) possess, identify, or attempt to identify a valid access code; or

(ii) publicize or distribute a valid access code to an unauthorized person.


Municipal Broadband

  • Ocean City (tourist area) unconfirmed BIG Wireless
  • Rockville
  • Rockville, Maryland, to deploy free wireless downtown network, MuniWireless 7/5/2007
  • Government Intranets (not offered to the public)
  • Maryland Public Libraries Sailor Project
  • Allegany County
  • AllCoNet Schools, Govts, Communities, non profits (not private sector / residential). | Unlicensed Wireless. Vendors: Alvarion, Marconi, DMC Stratex Networks. Non profit government partnership. Total Cost: $2,9 m.
  • "We currently support: 85 buildings, 4,000 workstations and 10,000 users." - Allconet Project Proposal, p. 3 PDF
  • deliver high-speed data and bandwidth from 1.54Mbps (T-1) to more than 960 Mbps. - Allconet Project Proposal, p. 4 PDF
  • Uses at least some open source software
  • Cumberland: Connected & on the Go; Broadband Goes Wireless, Report of the FCC Wireless Broadband Access Task Force, p. 33 Feb. 2005: "For instance, local leaders in Cumberland, Maryland, a small city located three hours outside Washington, D.C., in the mountains between West Virginia, and southwestern Pennsylvania, recognized that a lack of affordable broadband was hindering the evolution of the economy from smokestack industries to the service and technology sectors. The leaders concluded that commercial service providers did not believe that sufficient demand existed to justify the costs of deploying a traditional network infrastructure to the area. Accordingly, the City of Cumberland, surrounding Allegany County, the local school board, and public libraries, decided to form AllCoNet, a non-profit joint venture to provide their citizens with broadband service.102 Given the local geography and topography, deploying wireline facilities would have been far beyond the financial resources available, and would have taken years. By deploying wireless access points (supplied by Alvarion) on the mountains surrounding Cumberland, AllCoNet was able to quickly deploy broadband service, and now provides a level of service that was unavailable or cost prohibitive before to area schools, libraries, government buildings, residents, and businesses."
  • Caroline County BIG Wireless | Govt Office of Technologies | Baltimore Sun Coverage 2004 | Aquired fiber off of eBay.
  • Talbot County BIG Wireless | Schools and Govt | Talbot County
  • Washington County BIG Wireless | Govt Intranet Dept of Water Quality
  • VoIP